Is Addiction a hard to break? Once you started to discover the comfort of feeling, you begin to crave it just like hunger. Maybe that is why it is so hard to give up. You will struggle to break free on an attachment that is destructive. Addiction is an unhealthy habit, like smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs, that can be tough to break. A study shows that addiction leaves a long impression on a specific part of the brain that we craved those feelings. This research can be the answer to people who are suffering from addiction to alcohol, smoke, drug or obesity.

hard to break

Some people can bear the pain and cope up with it on their own. Maybe this is due to biology, upbringing or temperament. They find ways to cope up with the painful feeling and view it as something they cannot control. However, some people are distressed of pain. It’s usually because of biology, genetics, upbringing, psychology and even the combination of both. Because the upsetting feeling is unbearable, they want to find a quick remedy. They want something they can control. There are many ways to manage the pain, but addiction is the best deal of all. It immediately takes away the pain but for a meantime. It’s a feeling of temporarily distracting or forgetting what you are going through. Once you discover the enticing feeling, you cannot stop already. That is how addiction becomes hard to break. This is because addiction gives you a temporary control over something you wish to forget.

How to Break a Hard Habit?

It takes a hard decision if you want to begin anew. Replace your addiction with something healthy and positive. How? It would help if you had the following things below:

1. Have a goal. If you think you can change your entire life, you are wrong. You need to pick one goal and let others become on your second to the last list. Just focus on what is important and aim to achieve your goal one step at a time.

2. Do it daily. Your new healthy habit should be something you can do daily. The constant occurring of things can make you not forget about it.

3. Always have reminders. Create a reminder about your goal everywhere you can see it. You can write it on your work desk, fridge, bathroom mirror, your phone, friend or anywhere you usually go. This will remind you always what is your goal and why you need to do it daily.

4. Create a ritual. Before you start to perform your new habit, you can perform some starter as a ritual. For example, if you feel the urge to smoke, you can do some push-up to get rid of the feeling before you start to exercise.

5. Avoid temptation. Avoid things that will tempt you to destroy your goal. Do not go to places where it can trigger and avoid friends who remind you of that bad habit.

If you are struggling and want to find answers, you can always reach us. We can help as much as we can and point you in the right direction.