1. Give it time to progress-

The urge to smoke a cigarette would not vanish overnight and starting seven to ten days will be the hardest part in this journey. Most people return to smoking within the first three months. Even though months and years pass on you will still have a craving to smoke a cigarette. This behavior is typical for an individual, and these desires will reduce overtime and eventually stop altogether.


  1. Wait it out if you have specific cravings-

Craving for a puff of cigarette will last only for four to seven minutes, whether you smoke it or not. Some of the measures you can do are call a friend, drink some water, distract yourself by playing video games, do some breathing exercises. Ensure you find something that can distract you from smoking a cigarette.

  1. Slip-ups here and there are okay-

Nobody is perfect in what they do and is your path towards quitting.One or two puff of smoking a cigarette or two does not mean that you are done with this journey of stopping the addiction. It is okay if you had a small set back and ensured you would take actions in preventing it from repeating. Remember the facts in why you made the decision to quit and the good reasons behind it. Always be patient, be yourself and keep looking forward.


  1. Rework on your daily schedules-

Your daily routine may have built with frequent smoke breaks, and you can desire for a cigarette, especially at those times. Learn the timings of your smoke breaks and try to avoid them as much as possible. For instance, if you had a specific time for smoking during work try to extend the break 20 minutes ahead or talk to a colleague. If you smoke along with your morning coffee, try walking the dog or taking a shower before drinking the coffee.

  1. Eliminate the causes of the smoke trigger-

Make sure you clean your house, car, drawer to remove the ashtrays, cigarettes, odors and the other facts that remind you of smoking. If you live with someone who smokes on a daily basis and not going to quit then make a plan so that you would not get tempted each time, he/she smokes in the house. Try asking them to not in front you, even when you at home and request them not to smoke at least during the times when you quit smoking.

Broken Smoke

  1. Plan for situations that make you want to smoke-

There are a few situations and environment that always trigger a craving for smoking a cigarette. For instance, if you are dining at a place or a party and drinking alcohol it can trigger many smokers to smoke, try to leave from the situation or ask your friend to stop you from smoking. All these places that can trigger smoking are best avoided for the first few weeks of quitting.