1. Don’t Rush into life-changing decisions –

Most often, addict recoveries tend to be fully charged to get out and turn around their lives, and they wish to do this in a matter of a few hours to a day. This results in them making impulsive and harmful decisions at times. Remember to avoid such possibilities by taking some time off to let the whole thing sink and take it slow.

  1. Make it up to those you hurt –

In most cases, during the course of addiction people have said and done a lot of hurtful things sometimes intentionally and sometimes intentionally. The post recovery phase is the time to set things right. Let go of your ego and reach out to those you hurt and apologize for your behavior. In addition to that, thank those who stayed by your side no matter what.

  1. Work on meeting expectations –

Post recovery you must begin to talk your feelings out with people and both let them know what you expect and also understand what is expected of you.  To get your life back on track it is important for you to take up responsibilities and duties that you are supposed to.

meeting expectations -

  1. Find yourself a positive and motivating friends circle –

Your company defines you. This is a new phase in your life so leave behind those who had negative influences in your life and reach out and connect with those who can have a positive impact on your life.


  1. Engage in New Activities

When you lived your life as an addict, you mostly revolved around drinking or getting high on substances. There are times when you were not busy with substance abuse and were probably dominated by thoughts of how you will get you next fix or you had everything arranged in possible ways you wanted. Now the question is what you will do with your time now? Being an addict has left a huge hole in your life, so you need to fill these gaps by doing something productive, engaging like volunteering, pursuing an education for your future career or do something which will set you on the right path.

  1. Start Exercising

No one works out or goes to the gym when they are addicted to drinking or smoking. When you have returned to a sober state, you are still not fully healthy, so getting scheduled exercise can make a huge difference in improving your energy levels. It can also boost your sense of well-being and self-confidence. Exercise can be anything that includes running or cycling or even the gym, and these will take you to another level of being healthy. Routine exercise can invite other people into your life that are dedicated to healthy lifestyles and also support you in your new journey.