It’s hard to quit on drugs or alcohol if you continue with the same habit every day and see people that remind you about the circumstances. If you want to change, you need to do something that is far away from your current state. If you’re going to stay sober and clean, you need to do the following:

Create Some Positive Change
If you decided to stay sober and clean for a lifetime, it is essential to move away from the old routines that makes you remember to drink and drinking hangouts. It will be essential to people who want to start anew in changing positive habits for a change. It does not really matter what choices of change you want but just as long as it will be different from your old ways.

To stay sober and clean, you need to do sudden decision change like avoiding people you usually hang out when you do drugs or drink. Even though it is rude to avoid people you become friends but if you want to stay sober for a long time, this is an important decision you should make. It would help if you explain to them what you have decided about your life.

Many people who do this life-changing decision decided to find new friends that they could relate to. If you find yourself having difficulty finding new friends, you can join support groups and talk about something you have in common with them. Spending time with your family and people you can relate can develop a healthy lifestyle and avoid drugs and alcohol.

Have Healthy Relationships
Sometimes when you get addicted for a long time, the drugs or alcohol become the closest relationship you could have. The people you have shared the addiction become your circle of social. It might be that reason why you draw close to being an addict and have a hard time recovering.

Now that you have decided to be sober, you may discover that your past relationship is toxic and should be avoided for a long time. But it is not just your bad habit buddies need to be avoided but as well as the old hobbies that remind you of your drinking or drug use.

Get Active Physically
Your health is affected once you become an addict for a long time. There is a big chance that you are not in your best shape. There are ways you can do to reduce the stress and relapse you have experience for a long time being a drug addict or a drinker. For that, you need to start exercising.

Become active physically to restore not just your physical sense of balance but as well as it benefits your emotional sense. When you have exercise diligently, you will have better nutrition to improve your overall health and reduce your withdrawal symptoms.

Find Your Life Balance
There are many things you can do to find your balance such as dealing with your past mistake or look for a job. Often having been on addiction for a long time you become impulsive on everything. It can be dangerous and can cause a relapse.

So to avoid the mistake again, you need to find the distraction of yourself or forgiving yourself. It is okay to feel guilty and ashame of what you did. The important is that you forgive yourself and start new. It might involve getting a new job or participating in a support group. Whatever you think that will help you find balance again, do it.