Stay Healthy Even Drinking Happy hours on Friday or during the weekend is already common these days. People always go with friends to unwind after a stressful week of work. But we should also be mindful our drinking habit. It can be caused by addiction by many as of the moment.

stay healthy even when drinking
Closeup of diverse friends celebrating drinking together

While many of you do not have a problem going home after the happy hour, but most of you do not know how to stay healthy while drinking alcohol. It is essential we get some helpful advice about our alcohol consumption. Below are few of the list you can follow:

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  1. Be the master of your drink, means drink in moderation. When it comes to an intoxicant, it does not depend on who you are in real life. You can get your own brand of beer, a bottle of wine or favourite summer ale at home. You can have a preference of your own according to your taste. Claim it as it is. There is no harm in trying other drinks every once in a while. There is also a health benefit when it comes to consuming alcohol. For a woman, one drink per day is good. For men, two drinks will suffice.
  2. If you are not a drinker, then don’t start now. People who are pregnant, recovering from addiction and with a history of liver disease, alcohol can be dangerous to their health. There are many ways you can boost your heart and lower the chance of having a disease by getting more physically active. You can also have a proper diet and eating vegetables, fruits and whole grain.
  3. Drink vitamins such as folic acid. Vitamin B is good when you want to lower the risk of having a colon, breast cancer and any related heart diseases. These vitamins are found in folic acid. Those who drink can benefit from these vitamins since alcohol often lessens the production of folate supplements inside our body. You can ask your doctor for any recommendation of vitamins you might need.
  4. It might help if you hire a freelance driver. If you are going to drink with friends, it might help if you hire a driver of the night. You can choose someone who is not drinking. If it’s too expensive for you, there is always the cab to take you home. However, the problem is if you are sober enough to tell your address to the cab driver.
  5. Don’t forget to eat and eat enough. Many people are starving during happy hour. Just have a regular meal before you drink out with friends. A vegetable salad won’t last for, and you may end up eating more onion rings and fries than you ever think. But with a regular meal, you eat fewer calories around you.
  6. Don’t forget your water intake. Make sure you drink water when you are drinking alcohol. To limit your alcohol intake you can take the water between drinks. Water will keep us hydrated and helps you stay a bit sober. So you can end up telling the cab driver your address when going home.