Smoke-Free Home and Car You know the dangers of secondhand smoke, right? Not just for adults, but it can potentially harm children. Do you also know that the smokes stay for a long time inside a room or car? When cigarette smoke is in the air, it will be around every room of the house. The smoke can be inhaled by children, which makes them sick like pneumonia, ear infection and bronchitis. Some even cause SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They can also be digested through the things they put it on their mouth. 

There are many things that could go when you are smoking inside your car and home. You are compromising everyone’s health in your family. If you don’t want them to fall sick, especially your kids, you should have rules to follow. Rules that would make a smoke-free home and car. How? Just follow the tips below.

How to Keep Your Home Smoke-Free?

1. A strict policy on not allowing anyone to smoke inside your home, no matter how cold or hot outside. Just one smoking session can contaminate the entire house. Even doors closed, the smell can seep through any holes. 

2. Just create a nice place for the smoking area for you and your visitors. You can build a small patio outside where there is the proper place to through cigarette buds and is open air.

3. Putting an umbrella on your designated smoking area can entice the one smoking to smoke outside even if the weather is pretty bad.

4. Put a sign on your home just to remind everyone and for visitors to see that smoking is not allowed inside.

How to Keep a Smoke-Free Car?

a. Never smoke in your car, especially when you use it to transport your children. It can easily fill up the toxins on the seats and other parts of the car even if you open your window. The stink will be there and is not easily removed.

b. Always remind the people who are riding your car never to smoke inside. Better put a small sign on the front as serve as a reminder.

c. Try to hold your urge to smoke even if your children are not with you. Take for example when you are heading to work, try to hold off your smoking urge until you reach the designated smoking area. You have to keep your children healthier and as well as your vehicle.

d. Put a cellphone charger or any device’s charger on the adapter outlet of your car so you won’t be tempted to use it for lighting your cigarette. 

e. Store the cigarettes on places where you cannot see it immediately. This is for you to not get tempted while driving. 

Open window, putting ventilation, air conditioning or separate sitting area will not eliminate secondhand smoke. You have to make sure that your children will be exposed to them. If you cannot quit smoking now, it is better to follow the tips above to maintain a smoke-free environment.