Help Someone Stops Smoking Do you have a friend who is looking forward to quit smoking? But you don’t know how to approach. You are afraid that the method you will use ends up upsetting your friend.

Don’t worry. Here are some questions with tips on how you can positively approach your friend so you can help him or her quit smoking. Just read them below.

How to Help Someone Stops Smoking

1. What is your relationship? To deal with someone who is trying to quit smoking, you must know the kind of relationship you have with him or her. The style you will deal for this person will affect how he or she will stop from smoking. Understanding the kind of relationship you have helps both of you in dealing with the changes coming when someone quits smoking. Take for example, when someone succeeds quitting at the first few weeks, you can recognize their success. Don’t criticize when they slip for a while. Support as much as possible when they quit again. 

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2. How to start a conversation? When you want to open up about quitting, it can be hard to talk to someone. The best way is to look for an opening such as:

  • I am looking forward to quit smoking.
  • I should stop smoking for my pregnant wife.
  • My family is asking me to quit.
  • My physician says I should stop smoking.

It’s great when they start talking about quitting and tell them you are ready to help whatever it is. If you are a smoker, you can draw some experience on how to start a conversation with him or her. You can let him or her know how great it feels that you have stopped smoking. 

3. What right questions to ask? If the opening is not available, you need to look for an opening question to ask that might help someone who wants to stop smoking. Questions such as:

  • Why did you start smoking?
  • Do you want to quit smoking?
  • Do you wish to stop smoking?
    There are many opening questions you can ask. You can be created as much as you want. 

4. How to listen? The decision to quit is about them and not about you if you help someone stops smoking. You need to listen to them when they want to say something. If you are going to ask a question, make sure you also give time for them to answer and listen sincerely. Do not make any negative comment. Do not lecture.

Scolding or nagging won’t help. Your friend might not come anymore to seek your help if you will do this. If ever they slip, don’t ever make any side comments that could ruin the process. Do not nag about how smoking is bad, they already know it. Don’t point out the number of cigarettes they are smoking. Negative comments will only lead to the argument as they become irritable going through the process of withdrawal.

5. What alternatives to use as a distraction? There are many activities you can offer them as smoke-free activities such as playing sports, going to a movie, inviting dinner, go to any class like cooking or painting. You can be as creative as you can.