1. Addiction is a brain disorder –

The popular misconception about addiction is that it’s just a phase and it’ll be over. Addiction is not as regular a habit or something that will end by threatening consequences. Addiction is a brain disorder that compels individuals to cross the line concerning the consumption of certain items. The road to recovery is a commitment of a lifetime, and you require all the support you can get.

Smoke consumption

  1. Try and understand the difference between becoming sober and living sober –

Getting sober only requires you to wake up in the morning not knowing what happened the previous night. Living Sober, on the other hand, needs you to make sacrifices for a better tomorrow.  It involves the need to let go of the substance you are addicted to and also requires you to make some significant lifestyle changes while you are at it.

  1. Picking substitutes addictions are equally harmful –

If giving up your addiction is going to cost you something equally dangerous, it is time you consider your options. The biggest mistake most people make is opting for something to substitute for their addiction. Regardless of how harmless this substitute may be, the thought behind its adoption is a cause for worry.


  1. Explore your addiction recovery paths –

There is no one set rule for addiction recovery. There a variety of options laid down in front of you for you to pick what suits your needs. Different people have different needs and also different methods that may work for them, so it’s important to check with a practioner first and test your type. Post this you can talk to those undergoing those treatments to get a better idea.


  1. Prepare yourself for grief –

The letting go phase is the toughest thing to deal with in the process of recovery. The thought of not being able to do something you’ve been doing all along will drive you insane. Although this will fade away eventually, it is essential to stay anchored while you are at it because at the end of the road there is a light that is going to change your life. Give yourself the time to process this, and you’ll be just fine.

  1. Action over Intention –

Addiction recovery requires stern action and not just the intention to act. Unless you actually do something about your addiction, thinking about it is not going to make any difference. Either you give yourself the motivation, or you take it from others, but ensure you gather enough to take a step forward. Start by doing something elementary and easy and work your way upward to recovery.


  1. Make some serious lifestyle changes –

Apart from letting go of the substance of addiction, it is essential to make many necessary lifestyle changes to get on the “permanent” road to recovery. You need to alter many activities that you used to take part in before you went to rehab and also break ties with people who influenced your addiction etc.