Things to Do After a Rehabilitation The time has come for your teen to go home after the rehabilitation. Though he or she has been into the treatment facility, the recovery is still not complete. Coming home still needs counselling not just for your teen but as well as all of the family members in the house.

To surpass this stage of your life, there are things you should consider when your teen comes home. The tips below will help you, your teen and your family members.

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1. The first thing you need to do before your teen gets home is clean any temptation. You should inspect your house for any paraphernalia or substance at home. Make sure there is nothing stash away that your teen may hide. You also have to remove any alcohol found at your house completely. Also, lock the medicine cabinet to prevent any unused prescriptions. The most important of all is to search your teen’s room for any alcohol, drugs or any addiction related materials. Make sure you have removed everything.

2. Create a priority plan. The next thing you should do is talk to the treatment facility. Ask them on the recommendation of the next step you should do when your teen comes home. You can ask clarifications and questions concerning your teen and how to handle him or her inside the house. It would help if you also discussed it with other family members. You should develop together an aftercare plan.

You may want to take some time off at work or the other family members as a part of the aftercare plan. It would help if you discussed it together. The plan also may involve helping your ten find healthy friends and activities after the rehabilitation. If you are not sure about it, you can ask some guidelines with the facility care. Even if your son or daughter is the only treating patients, the family should also get involved and be part of the regular counselling and support. This is to help everyone on the difficult state and have support during this critical part of the family.

3. You can use the CRAFT method. Community Reinforcement and Family Training, in short CRAFT, can be used to assist parents to be involved in every stage of your teen’s recovery. It provides a better tool for understanding your child when it comes to getting the reason why he or she becomes addicted to a certain substance. The tool can also discourage your teen not to use the substance anymore. It is important for everyone to do a self-care and be able to handle all the negative emotions involving the addiction such as depression, guilt and especially anger.

4. Rules and boundaries should be implemented. It is healthy to set boundaries and rules inside the house after the rehabilitation. You should be able to enforce positive rewards when rules are followed and consequences if they break it. State what is expected on your rules. This is for both of the family members inside the house, especially on your teen. Its for them to support and maintain personal growth after the rehabilitation.

5. One step at a time. Take each day a step to complete recovery. The first few weeks after your teen comes home, it will be the hardest part. However, you have to go through together the up and down emotions. It may be hard but you need to be together to surpass this trial.