Overcoming an addiction wether in tobacco or other substance is often difficult to control or overcome. It is something we re obsessed doing that often threatens our value of life and interfere social connection. It’s a behaviour that someone is dependent to gain emotional satisfaction. It usually gives a sense of control. But that satisfaction and sense of control are illusions because it threatens someone well-being.

When it becomes too much already, you need to take a necessary step to overcome it. Overcoming it is not an easy task. It requires considerable effort and time. If you want help in overcoming an addiction, you can read the steps below. However, it is still best when you seek some professional help, especially when the addiction has been there for a long time. in this blog post we will show you five simple tips to overcome an addiction

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The Steps to Take to Overcome Addiction

Step 1: You Acknowledge Your Addiction When you want to overcome your addiction, the first thing you should do is acknowledge that you are an addict and what you are struggling to overcome. Ask yourself, what is my addiction? Awareness about your addiction is an essential step in the process of recovering and transforming. It would be best if you first had the desire to change the things differently. You have to be ready 100% that you are willing to make the change. If you do not have enough reasons to start the change now, you will never be motivated to follow your desired action of transformation.

Step 2: You Have to Be Responsible To overcome your addiction, you need to be responsible that you should take action now. Stop making excuses and blaming others because of your situation. Just stop giving excuses as to why you do not want to change your behaviour now. Instead, own your responsibility why you become like this at the moment. Whatever happened in the past is already done, but you have the chance to change now. This is the perfect opportunity for you to begin a fresh new start.

Step 3: Do A Self-Evaluation This step involves digging deeper about yourself. Ask questions about how you become an addict and how can you overcome this addiction. You have to list down your fears, your beliefs, needs and desired results. Knowing the outcome you want and clarity of your deeper thoughts will give you understanding about your addiction. The list will provide you with answers to your current behaviour and can help you to transformation.

Step 4: Start New Hobbies When you already know what leads you to your addiction and how to overcome them, you can now start doing new hobbies to replace your addiction. Addiction is also a habit that is deeply ingrained within us that most of the time it is difficult to overcome. To eliminate it, you need to replace with something as satisfying as the previous one. You need to fulfil those desires but beneficially and healthily. For example, smokers who want to stop smoking will chew gum or toothpick to prevent the cigarette cravings they have. You really have to convince yourself that your addiction is not worth your time.

Step 5: Take One Step At a Time You can take small steps at a time until your change becomes a habit. Of course, it won’t be an easy step but think of the consequences if you are not going to change your behaviour. The change will involve pain and pleasure. You have to choose every day that to gain pleasure, we must overcome the pain. Just acknowledge what happened and forgive yourself for this bad behaviour. People make mistakes, but it does not mean you cannot change. Be motivated and focus on your goal one step at a time.