Self-esteem is your respect for yourself. It’s our confidence when facing people. It is important to someone who is recovering from addiction. They often have low self-esteem which they have the inability to admin and learn from the mistakes they have done in the past. Low self-esteem was even the cause why they become addicted.

Recovering from addiction gives back the right balance in their lives. Recovering makes them realise that there is a lot in life to offer. How? You can read in this article some tips on how to bring back the self-esteem that was once lost from addiction.

Tips on Improving Self-Esteem After Addiction

Addiction can give low self-esteem for those individuals who suffer from it. Getting into an addiction like alcohol and drugs often mask the insecurities and make people temporarily confident. When you are recovering from addiction, your self-esteem is even lower than you think. So how can you improve it now? Here are some tips that might help you.

  1. Write a self-affirmation. Just a simple positive statement you want to tell yourself. Affirmation may sound foreign to you at first, but when you are saying it daily to yourself, there is a change on the way how you feel about it. Write down what affirmation you want to yourself and how you feel about it. Let’s take for example “I am so proud of myself”. Give it a month saying it loud to yourself daily.
  2. Forgive and forget past mistakes. People struggle with addiction because they blame their self about a mistake they have done. What makes it worst is getting low self-esteem through time that they resort into temporary relief. Having addiction affects your self-control and judgement. You do things you eventually regret later on. Beating yourself into something you cannot change will only worsen your current situation. It is time that you recognize what you did and let go punishing yourself about it and maybe do something positive instead.
  3. Accept compliments. You often miss out opportunities by having low self-esteem. By acknowledging the kind words of others, you slowly build yourself again. So next time someone says kind words to you, do not resist yourself to dismiss or think that the person did not mean it. Instead, accept it as, and you will find yourself believing in it too.
  4. Do kindness daily. One way to increase your appreciation towards other is to do kind things always. It does not necessarily mean a big gesture, a simple as holding open doors for people or giving your sit to someone who needs it can get you a genuine “thank you” in return.
  5. Slowly start the healthy changes. You can build your self-esteem when you have self-determination. Everyone wants to change their lives but those people with addiction the changes can be a slow step. If for your the changes is a lot to take, you can break it down into small acts. Choose one thing to do daily and one more in a week. Whatever you feel, you have to follow through. With each small step, you are moving forward to your goal.