Drugs and Death
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Lip injuryAs the tolerance to cocaine increases, the addict feels he is becoming less sensitive to the drug’s effects.  While the addict is becoming less sensitive to the pleasurable effect of the drug, he is at the same time becoming more likely to develop epileptic seizures, delusions, and psychotic behavior.

The young woman in these pictures had a history of drug abuse.  She had been through several detoxification programs.  One night, her husband awoke and found her locked in the bathroom having a seizure (convulsion).  She was dead on arrival at the hospital.  She tested positive for cocaine, but as far as could be determined, had only been using cocaine for about six weeks.

The left picture shows injury to the lips sustained during the seizure.  The right picture shows healing needle marks in the arm.  These, in conjunction with the positive cocaine test, confirm the death was the result of a seizure brought on by cocaine intoxication.


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