Drugs and Death


Joseph RuppEarly in my retirement, long before the forensic and cold case television shows became popular, many people asked me if I would consider writing a book about my experiences as a medical examiner. Rather than spend time writing something entertaining, I decided to produce an interactive CD-ROM about the dangers of illegal drug use.

The idea was to educate young people about illegal drugs so they would become aware of the dangers involved in drug use. However, after spending two and a half years developing the presentation, marketing became a problem. The reasons were generally as follows. Families were not interested because they do not believe their children would ever become involved with illegal drugs. The government was not interested because the presentation was not created "in house" and there was too much red tape involved in working with governmental agencies. Most public and private schools were not interested because no one is really in authority or wants something presented which might upset students or parents. Consequently, the disk found limited use in a few grade schools, drug rehab programs, police cadet training classes, and of all places, in Africa.

We wanted the program seen by as many as might be interested and it was decided to present it free here on this web site and not spend any more time trying to market a CD-ROM or DVD. Supply of the second version of the CD-ROM disc is now exhausted and the disc is no longer available. Public response to this web site has been mostly favorable, except for a few junkies who hate it and regularly accuse us of blowing smoke.

We still hope that the information contained on this site will have an impact and spare some young people from the agony of addiction or premature death.

The presentation on this web site is divided into five topic segments covering heroin, cocaine, hallucinogens and psychedelics, inhalants, and marijuana.  Use the navigation links at upper left to review each topic.


Please note: Due to the graphic nature of the material, this presentation may not be appropriate for pre-teenagers.  Viewer discretion is advised.